Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are there fees for entering the park or parking? 

A: Nope! Our park is free of charge, for you to enjoy. During events we may ask for donations to help cover the cost, but on a normal day, there is no charge!


Q: Is the Dog park free? 

A: Yes! Bring as many (friendly and vaccinated) dogs you wish to enjoy our huge leash free dog area!


Q: What are the park hours? 

A: From dawn until dusk!


Q: Where do I enter the park? 

A: If you are here to enjoy the park for a walk or to use the dog park, please use the drive way near the red barns, and park there. If you are coming to the park for a wedding, or an event at the main house, you may use the driveway with the big iron gates! 


Q: Who do I contact about weddings or private events? 

A: Please go to our website at or contact Marcia, at 


Q: Can I ride my horse around Knox?

A: Yes! Absolutely! You do need a permit through the state, (it's free!!) which you can find here. All the rules and regulations are also found on the permit!


Q: Can my dog be off leash? 

A: The only area where your dog is allowed off leash is within the fenced in dog park area. This is for the safety of you, your pet, and others. 


Q: Can I drive around the park? 

A: No. Knox Farms is not a drive through park. The only time you are allowed to drive through the park is for an event. 

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